Refund and Returns Policy


We do not accept refund or cancel unless the service you purchased is not working properly. If you face any problems from our service, please contact us at support@livealert.in Or Raise a ticket with details of the service issue. You can send the brief discription about your problem: if you can apply refund request before 15 days of purchase we can refund 30% amount from your paying amount exclude Goods & Service Tax (GST). & if you can applied refund after 15 days we can share 10% amount from your paying amount exclude Goods & Service Tax (GST).

To be eligible for a account closer process, first your service was cancelled than process your account closer.

Some time facebook give copyright claim because same video play by multiple people’s so if you receive any copyright, no worries go to Help & Support → Your Alerts → Click than click any of Open Case.

Help & Support Your Alert

Click any video ( Where you can see Open)

COPY THIS TEXT & PASTE Additional details BOX.

  This was Public Domain Video, Kindly see this & remove their claim.

Contact us at info@livealert.in for questions related to cancellation process.